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            current location :Home > Product > Rotogravure Printing Machines

            ASY-E model heat transfer printing & coating machine

            1. Electronic line shaft for drive, servo motor drive for every color unit.

            2. Free-standing master station, touch screen concentration control

            3. Multi-sectional independent full automatic tension control, dancing roller inspection, tension display

            4. Shaft-less printing cylinder with air chucking mechanism

            5. Integral doctor blade mechanism

            6. Pre-registration function, longitudinal and lateral automatic registration system.

            7. Ink curtaining trolley

            8. Uniquely designed high effective drying system

            9. Optional heating source: electricity, steam, thermal oil or gas

            This machine is suitable for continuous ,multi-color printing or rolling material in good printing performance such as tobacco packing,yew paper,liquid paper box,BOPP,PET,NY,PVC and so on.

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