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            XYRA model High-speed Flexo Printing Machine

            1. This machine is specially for paper printing.

            2. Water-based ink printing, green enviromental protection, no pollution, in line with international environmental protection printing standard.

            3. “Upper feeder” structure lower the position of ceramic anilox roller & printing cylinder so lower the center of gravity of printing unit, this make the printing machine running more steady,  completely solve the pollution of dust, flying ink to material.

            4. Completely enclosed type doctor blade can supply quantitative ink, overcome the flying ink, ink leakage problem, saving the ink, can accurate control the ink quantity, make the ink transfering more steady, improving the printing quality.

            5. This machine is 7 motor tension system.

            6. Out-side turret type unwinder and rewinder unit, can realising auto slicing and splicing without machine stop.

            7. Computerized Auto Registration control system with video inspection from KESAI company.

            8. Fully automatic tension controller by PLC program from Seimens.

            9. Pre-registration system to ensure easy registration, decrease material waste when machine beginning.

            10. Shaft-less cylinder loading. Pneumatic back pressure moving doctor blade, three side adjusting and double air cylinder pressure.

            11. Sealed type oven, outside heating system, hot-air circulation system, auto constant temperature control system.

            12. Adopting aluminum alloy guide roll after anode oxidation processing and in balance.

            13. High-accuracy gear transmission box, adopting patented technique.

            14. Heavy duty QPQ carbone penetrate side walls.

            This machine is used for printing paper, non-woven fabric, woven fabric.

            It is widely used for food package, cigarette wine package, medicines package, daily necessities package etc... 

            Printing color number

            4 inks

            Printing material

            Paper: 65-400 g/cm

            Ink type

            Water based ink

            Max width of printing cylinder

            1050 mm

            Max width of raw material

            1000 mm

            Max length of printing

            1200 mm

            Max mechanical speed

            170 m/min

            Max.Printing speed

            150 m/min

            Auto registration control precision

            Vertical: ±0.1 mm

            Max Diameter of Unwinder

            Φ1200 mm

            Max Diameter of Rewinder

            Φ1200 mm

            Diameter of paper core

            3 or 6 inch

            Tension range


            Tension control precision


            Impression roller pressure


            Doctor blade transverse move range


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