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            Welcome to the Qiangda customer service and support center

            Wenzhou Qiangda Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.,Formerly known as Ruian City Qiangda printing machinery Co. Ltd, founded in early 80s. The workshop covers an area of 46000m2, more than 300 employees, with imports of CNC machining centers and other more than and 70 sets of production equipment. Specialized in manufacturing printing machine, laminating machine, slitting machine, bag making machine, tipping paper printing machine, tipping paper bronzing machine and other soft packaging equipment, is one of the domestic industry with the strength and influence of the enterprise, with unique technology and experience. According to the needs of the market, the company took the lead in the successful development of a new generation of seven motor high-speed computer gravure printing machine, its performance is to catch up with the level of domestic similar products. Products throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia., the Middle East, Russia, South America, Africa and other countries and areas, by users of all ages.

            Our company will pay to adhere to the "quality win customers and credibility to create efficiency," a principle of service, is willing to provide our clients with excellent quality, reasonable price products and excellent after-sales service. The mutually beneficial and win-win, sincerely hope that with the customers at home and abroad together, to create a better tomorrow!

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